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!Please note - The following features are not released yet!


The platform offers a vast selection of web worlds in an overview for you to explore and discover, created by the community. You can easily search for and directly join these worlds, providing a diverse range of interesting and unique places to visit.


The marketplace enables artists, developers, and prompt masters to monetize their creations easily. With the rise of virtual worlds, the need for unique and creative content has never been greater. The marketplace provides a platform for creators to package their assets or scripts into NFT packs or individual NFTs and sell them to others.

It offers an opportunity for creators to make money from their work and for buyers to access and use unique assets in their own virtual worlds. The process is simple and convenient, allowing creators to showcase their work and earn a profit from it.

Fee = 1%. This fee is applied to one of three options based on the fair vote results: a burn of SHIB/BONE, a donation, or a holder distribution. This provides transparency and community involvement in the marketplace's operations.

World builder

The world builder is a powerful tool that allows game developers and creative people to create their own virtual environments. Users can construct their own unique and immersive environment by uploading and storing their own assets and objects, or by choosing from a library of pre-created assets.

Users may utilize the world builder to design their world to their liking. Users may influence practically every part of the environment, from landscape and scenery to buildings, people and creatures, sound effects, and music. Users can manipulate the environment using a number of tools to customize it exactly as they want it.

Code editor

The code editor is a powerful tool that allows builders to manipulate a world and its assets. They can move assets around the world, create interactions between objects, implement AI, modify the user interface, and more.

Code editing provides users with a great deal of control over their environment. Users can place objects in the world, define their behavior, and create dynamic effects. Furthermore, users can create custom user interfaces, allowing them to interact with their environment in a more intuitive way. Additionally, it can be used to create more sophisticated AI-driven behaviors and interactions, such as pathfinding and obstacle avoidance.

Builders can craft their own unique gaming experience. Whether it's a simple platform game or an expansive open world, the code editor can help the user create the game they want to play. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Web3 / NFTs

EWW aimed to be web3 friendly gaming experience. Through the code editor, builders can create interactive web3 experiences such as physical airdrops, interactive farming, NFT integration, and much more. We will provide further snippets for all of these posibilites so projects can easily start using them!