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Our token is designed to bring value to holders and provide a variety of benefits.

Special treatment

As a holder of EWW tokens, you have exclusive access to a variety of special treatment and benefits. From exclusive airdrops events on EWW hosted worlds to special discounts and offers, you will be among the privileged few who get to experience all the perks of being an EWW token holder.

Events are usually held on special occasions to encourage more people to join the EWW family. As an EWW token holder, you will be among the first to receive the rewards for participating in these events.

In addition, EWW token holders will also receive special discounts and offers. These offers are exclusive to EWW token holders and are not available to the general public. Enjoy access to exclusive discounts and special offers that can help you save money while getting the most out of your EWW tokens.

Revenue sharing

Holders of EWW tokens will have the opportunity to share in the platform's success by receiving a portion of the revenue generated. This is achieved by offering upgrades for worlds, charging percentage-based fees on the marketplace and promotions on social media and platform. By holding EWW tokens, individuals can participate in the growth and profitability of the platform. This is our aim to provide a mutually beneficial experience for both the platform and its token holders.

Buyable upgrades

As all first worlds will be hosted at the beginning on our node server we can control a vast varity of upgrades - therfore EWW tokens is used as payment method for upgrades and services on EWW hosted worlds.

Upgrades will be :

  • Increase max. users of worlds

  • Increase max. code length

  • Exclusive characters

  • Exclusive support on e.g coding

  • EWW asset

  • More frequent public pushes to the chain

  • We are expanding our upgrades -

Marketplace Currency

\$EWW is the first currency that allows users to purchase items at a discounted price when compared to other currencies on the marketplace. This means that by holding and using EWW tokens, users will have access to exclusive deals and savings when purchasing items on the platform. This incentivizes users to hold and use EWW tokens, making it a valuable asset for users of the platform.


We planning to offer multiple staking pools on public pools. These pools will allow individuals to stake their cryptocurrency and earn rewards for doing so.

In addition to these public pools, we are also developing an individual staking pool where users can unlock upgrades or discounts by staking for a specific timeframe. This means that by holding a certain amount of cryptocurrency and staking it for a certain period, users will be able to access exclusive benefits that are not available to non-stakers.

For example, users who stake for a minimum of 3 months may receive a discount on our products or services. Or, those who stake for a longer period of time may be able to access advanced features on our platform. We believe that this innovative approach to staking will not only benefit our users, but also drive more adoption and usage of our platform.