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Taxes 0%

Liquidity addition via dex 0.3% per TX.

Proposed liquidity addition via farming.

Launched with 90,000,000,000 paired with 4 ETH. 10,000,000,000 Allocated to endless-web-worlds.eth LP Locked. Endless-web-worlds.eth balance has grown due to buy backs.

8,000,000,000 $EWW paired with radioshack $LAUNCH token on radioshack swap. LP Burned.

Etherscan wallets:

Uniswap locked LP unlocks on march 4TH 2023 locked tokens 14,593,220,124.10684484 unlocks feb 8th 2023 holder #2

Burned $EWW 5,241,669,488.252729

endless-web-worlds.eth wallet 4,800,000,000 tokens unlocked

Circulating Tokens (Not locked or burned) = 100-14.83-5.24=79.93 billion

A huge portion of EWW team token will be used for farming purposed